FL-13 NEWS: Kevin Hayslett for Congress Releases First TV Ad “Faced Down”

“Faced Down” Highlights Hayslett’s Strong Record as a Trump Republican and Prosecutor

Clearwater, FL – Today, Kevin Hayslett for Congress released its first television ad of the election cycle, highlighting Hayslett’s strong record as a prosecutor and Trump Republican, along with his commitment to the people of FL-13 to finish building the wall. “Faced Down” centers around Hayslett’s time as a prosecutor where he faced down human traffickers and drug cartels, and how being threatened and followed by their relatives wouldn’t stop him from pursuing justice.

“Faced Down” puts Hayslett’s mindset in Congress in stark terms – he won’t be intimidated by the left or by open border Republicans. 

The ad labels politicians such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Liz Cheney as being part of the corrupt Washington Cartel. As a prosecutor, Hayslett stood up to the cartels before, and as a Member of Congress, he’ll do the same in Washington.

Hayslett signs off by stating, The Cartels won’t like this ad, and that’s why I approved it.

View the full ad here.