BREAKING FL-13: Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board Endorses Kevin Hayslett for Congress

The Editorial Board described Hayslett as a strong conservative 
who would bring a fact-based approach to governing

Clearwater, FL – Today, the Tampa Bay Times announced their endorsement of Kevin Hayslett for Congress in Florida’s 13th Congressional District. In the crowded Republican field, the Editorial Board highlighted Kevin as “the candidate who best understands the district, its history, its people, and its challenges.” Two years ago, the Editorial Board endorsed Anna Paulina Luna over Amanda Makki, passing on both candidates this year in favor of Hayslett.

Last election cycle, Luna lost to Democrat Charlie Crist. In a year when Republicans gained 14 seats in the House, Luna proved she cannot win the FL-13 seat, and as the Editorial Board highlighted, she has an inability to lead and would sit behind other Republicans, as opposed to leading and fighting from the front.

In the case of Amanda Makki, the Editorial Board pointed to Makki’s work with Never-Trumper and RINO Lisa Murkowski. As well as Makki’s involvement with Big Pharma and working in the D.C. swamp as a lobbyist.

“Kevin Hayslett is an experienced lawyer with conservative views who would bring a commonsense, fact-based approach to governing,” stated the Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board. “He listed his three top priorities as combating rising inflation, cracking down on crime, and preserving personal freedoms.” The Editorial Board also stated “He would not support further restrictions on Second Amendment rights.”

The Editorial Board also pointed to the abundance of support Hayslett has received from local leaders, highlighting that Hayslett is endorsed by Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, and Florida Speaker of the House Chris Sprowls. Hayslett has also received endorsements from Citrus County Sheriff Mike Prendergast and retired Pinellas County Sheriff Jim Coats, further establishing himself as Law Enforcements choice for Congress.

In June, the Tampa Free Press Editorial Board announced their endorsement of Hayslett. With the endorsement of the Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board, Hayslett has now earned the endorsement of the two most circulated news publications in Pinellas County and the Tampa area.

“I entered this race as a political outsider because I know the kind of representation this community deserves. I’m ready to go to Washington and hold Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi accountable for the disastrous path they’ve put our county on,” stated Hayslett. “We have record inflation and our southern border is a disaster. Both of those things are directly impacting us here in Pinellas County. It’s time for a course correction, and it’s time to get our country back-on-track.”