Kevin Hayslett Releases Second TV Ad “That’s the Choice”

The Ad Highlights the Choice Voters Face: Hayslett’s Tough On Illegal Immigration Policy vs. Luna’s Pro-Illegal Immigration Policy

Clearwater, FL – Today, Kevin Hayslett for Congress released its second TV Ad, “That’s the Choice”. The ad highlights Hayslett’s experience prosecuting drug cartels, as well as his strong stance on border security, and doubling down on his promise to finish building the wall. 

Contrasting this, is Liberal and Pro-Amnesty Anna Paulina Luna in her own words, stating she “always agreed with President Obama’s immigration policies”. Luna puts her views on full display by promoting a “pathway to citizenship” and providing amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The choice is clear for Pinellas County voters. Kevin Hayslett is the only Trump Tough, Law and Order candidate in this race.

Anna Paulina Luna is a pro-amnesty, Obama-loving liberal.

Don’t take our word for it. Take hers. Watch here.