A Trusted Record

Throughout his career, Kevin Hayslett has always put the safety and security of his community above all else. He has a long record of prioritizing public safety, locking up dangerous criminals, standing with law enforcement, protecting our freedoms, and serving this community. Kevin is a political outsider with a long track record of public service, the type of Trump Tough Republican we need in Congress.

Keeping Our Communities Safe

– During his time as a State Attorney, Kevin Hayslett was one of the most effective prosecutors in the state, trying over 100 criminals in his first year serving the state.

– Kevin tried and prosecuted one of the largest cocaine trafficking cases in the history of Pinellas County; a ring of cocaine traffickers that were responsible for delivering over a hundred kilos of cocaine into the west coast of Florida. He was threatened in the courtroom by the family of the drug traffickers, but that didn’t stop his prosecution from convicting all 4 heads of the criminal Cocaine conspiracy with the maximum possible sentences.

– In his career as a prosecutor Kevin tried over 200 cases against sex offenders, human traffickers, drug traffickers, and other dangerous criminals.

– Kevin was the head of the arson task force with in the State Attorney’s Office. Responsible for all major arson prosecutions in Pinellas county.

– With the rise of pornography and sex trafficking operations in the area, Kevin Hayslett headed up the task force that prosecuted a record number of high profile cases that shut down numerous criminal trafficking operations and helped improve the safety of the community.

– Kevin prosecuted a number of high profile murder cases, including the 1991 prosecution of Michael Jackson, who was convicted of robbery and the tragic first-degree murder of an elderly couple.

– Kevin was one of the most hands-on prosecutors in the state, ensuring that the law was being followed at all levels of law enforcement. Early in his career, Hayslett went on undercover operations with detectives to deliver search warrants.

Standing With Law Enforcement

– Kevin Hayslett taught at the police academy for over a decade to train officers on what to do in difficult policing situations and officer shootings. He made sure police officers had the proper training, knowledge, and tools they needed to most effectively do their jobs.

– Kevin worked directly with the local Sheriffs on a number of prosecutions, specifically on cracking down on the illegal drug trade. He personally wrote search warrants and then followed up by actually participating in raids with members of the street narcotics bureau. Kevin also as a young prosecutor participated with undercover officers by shadowing them during actual transactions further cementing his relationship with law enforcement.

– Kevin has spent his career defending law enforcement and previously represented the City of Clearwater Police Department in cases against them, including the St. Petersburg Chief of Police. Kevin has represented and defended a number of cops.

Protecting Our Rights

– Kevin is an ardent defender of free speech and did a pro bono case to defend local Pastor Anthony Lowery, who was arrested for preaching on a street corner. Kevin’s defense resulted in Lowery’s case being dismissed and his continued preaching.

Serving His Community

– Kevin sits on the board of the suncoast YMCA and the Mote Scientific board, which is doing cutting edge work for fisheries and marines. He is also on the Board for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

– Kevin is a small business owner with a business of over 60 employees; a local small business he helped build and grow. During COVID, he managed to keep his doors open and didn’t have to let a single employee go and his small business continues to be active in the community by giving back.

– Kevin Hayslett  is a strong supporter of the military and veterans, with two sons currently in active duty. Kevin’s middle son Parker, graduated from the United States Naval Academy and his currently stationed in Virginia beach. His son Duncan is currently a senior at the United States Military Academy at West Point and plans to branch infantry.

– Kevin is a Clearwater native, having lived his entire life and raised his family here.