On the Issues

Combat Skyrocketing Inflation

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have crushed our economy with skyrocketing inflation that is making it impossible for businesses and families to make ends meet. I am running for Congress to combat their reckless economic policies that are holding our economy back.

In Congress, I will work to rein in out-of-control spending pushed by Democrats to fuel their socialist wishlists. Inflation is taxation and is causing irreparable harm to average Americans as prices for food and gas are skyrocketing. We need an economy that allows families to thrive and businesses to grow, and that is exactly what I will fight for in Congress.

Lower Out-of Control Taxes

Tax and spend – that is the priority in a Democrat controlled Washington. As a business owner, I understand that lower taxes would actually allow business and families to grow and prosper. When a person keeps more of their hard-earned money, it is better for our economy.

I promise to vote against every tax increase while in Congress, because I understand that you know better than out-of-touch DC politicians when it comes to spending your money.

Secure Our Border

There is a crisis at our border, fully caused by Biden’s open border policies and progressive sanctuary cities that welcome illegal immigrants. We need to finish the wall and reinstate President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policies that would allow our border to finally be secure.

I will continuously fight to secure our border and crack down on illegal immigrants who are bringing in drugs, crime, and violence.

Protect Innocent Life

We are at a critical moment in the pro-life movement. Liberal activists are trying to pressure the highest court in the land to get what they want – legal abortions up until the last day of a pregnancy.

I will always stand for life and fight for women’s care that is pro-woman, pro-family, and pro-LIFE. This election, life is on the ballot, and we need advocates in Congress that will fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.

Defend our Veterans

It should always be a priority to protect our veterans and ensure they have the services and care they need after defending our country at home and abroad. As a father of two sons in the Military I feel personally invested to insure that our veterans get treated with the respect they have earned.In Congress, I will protect those who have served and make sure they have access to quality and affordable healthcare, a VA that actually works, and opportunities to expand their small businesses and economic success.

Preserve our Second Amendment Rights

The left is constantly trying to roll back our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. In Congress, I will always protect gun rights and ensure an overreaching government doesn’t take away our ability to protect ourselves.

Fight for Free Speech and Personal Freedoms

Big tech, an overreaching government, and socialist Democrats are all threatening our personal freedoms and conservative voices. I will always fight to bring Florida freedoms to DC and ensure that we remain the land of the free, not the land of government control.

Strengthen our National Security

America is at its strongest when it is leading in the world. I will ensure our military is funded in a way where they can protect our nation and American interests. As a father of sons who serve, I know our country is safest and strongest when America is a leading super power.

Stand with Law Enforcement

Our police are under attack and it is making our communities less-and-less safe. It’s simple: FUND the police. I will always stand with our men and women in blue and push back on radical movements to defund our police and allow lawlessness in our cities.

Public safety is the most fundamental responsibility of government and I will prioritize that our law enforcement officials have the resources and tools they need to reduce crime rates and put criminals behind bars. That’s why I’ve been endorsed by Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, Sheriff Grady Judd, and Sheriff Mike Prendergast.

Secure Our Elections

Election integrity and security is critical for our democracy to continue to function. I support tough voter ID laws and will fight back against liberals trying to rig our elections.