Meet Kevin

Meet Kevin Hayslett



Law & Order

My family moved to Clearwater in 1964 with the hope for opportunity and a brighter future. However, the very reasons that brought my family to Florida and our quality of life are now being threatened by out-of-touch Washington politicians who are failing us.

And that’s why I’m running for Congress.

Growing up in Pinellas County, my parents made sure my siblings and I had every opportunity in the world and instilled in us some simple truths: that common-sense isn’t common, to save for a rainy day, and that I can make a positive difference.

As a husband, father and business owner who grew up locally, I know firsthand the issues our community is facing. Summers in between my years at Clearwater High School, I would split my time between bussing at the New Orleans Oyster Bar and selling sporting goods at Instant Replay in Clearwater Mall. I saved money to ensure I could go to college because I was certain of one thing: no one could take away my education.

I attended law school and then proudly served as a Florida Assistant State Attorney for 5 years where I worked to put dangerous criminals including drug cartel members and child molesters behind bars while also teaching law at the local police academy. I wanted to make a difference so I worked day and night to uphold justice and fight government negligence and corruption.

Now, in my private practice, I continue to do the same – stand up for law enforcement, defend our rule of law, and offer a path of rehabilitation to those who are in their darkest moments.

As a husband and father of three, I’m running for Congress because Clearwater is my home and we need a fighter who will:

  • Stand up to the Biden Administration and its Radical Agenda
  • Fight to Combat Rising Inflation that is Hurting Florida Families
  • Bolster our National Security and Secure Our Border
  • Lower Taxes and Create Jobs by Upholding President Trump’s Economic Policies
  • Take on Fauci and his Out-of-Touch Agenda
  • Support Public Safety and Stand up to the Defund the Police Movement
  • Protect our Right to Bear Arms and Defend the Second Amendment

I’m a husband, father, local business owner, and political outsider who will stand up and fight to take on the Washington establishment to get our country back-on-track.

I’m Kevin Hayslett, a strong supporter of President Trump, and I would be honored to earn your support.

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I am proud to be a part of our Clearwater community:

  • Resident of Clearwater, Florida since 1964
  • Clearwater High School, Class of 1980
  • Former Florida State Prosecutor
  • Clearwater Small Business Owner & Attorney
  • Board Member, YMCA of Suncoast
  • Past Board Member, Mote Marine Scientific Lab
  • Member, Harborside Church
  • Husband and proud father of three sons - a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, a graduate of Furman University, and a Junior at the U.S. Military Academy West Point